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Tonight in North Florida, there is no place to house homeless Women Veterans or their children in an emergency situation and WE are going to change that…

Join us on our mission to build ~Zahara Veterans Village~

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. is on a mission to establish a community, specifically for Women Veterans, in North Florida. The initial goal is to build ten units for Single Veterans, six units for Veterans with children, and a community center for programs and services. Currently, there is no facility dedicated solely to housing the more than 20,000 Women Veterans of North Florida.

In addition to housing, the community will offer:

  • Case Management Services
  • Social Service Program Expansion
  • Career Readiness Assistance
  • Temporary Child Care for all Veterans with medical appointments scheduled at the Department of Veterans Affairs

On February 28, 2018, Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. hosted a Townhall to discuss housing homeless Women Veterans and the current challenges in the North Florida area. Our long-term goal was always to provide housing, however, the lack of suitable units available for Women Veterans, requires us to focus our efforts on the establishment of housing, as an immediate priority.

In addition to the development of a plan of action, we created a petition on CHANGE.ORG to voice our concerns with the lack of transparency and oversight used in the administration of federal funds related to housing Veterans. Currently, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not have a Secretary, and we are focused on collecting signatures for our petition to be delivered once the position has been occupied. Please click on the link below to read, sign and share the petition, in support of our efforts to enact change in assisting homeless Veterans in Florida and Nationwide.

We invite you to take the following steps to support our mission:

  1. Watch the Townhall Video wrap-up on Homeless Women Veterans in North Florida
  2. Read, Sign and Share the Petition
  3. Get Involved in the Project (1st Meeting is May 17, 2018, @ 5:30 pm, the flyer is below)
  4. Join us as an Auxiliary Member

Thank you for your support and we look forward to reporting our mission as ACCOMPLISHED!!!



Please send questions to: