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Help Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. establish

Zahara Veterans Village for Women Veterans

Major U.S. cities and states spend millions of dollars every year to attract Veterans and the federal dollars they receive in benefits to their respective areas. To date, there is no community supported or built by either a major city or state that has been exclusively designed for Women Veterans. 

Women Veterans have long been called the silent members of the Veteran’s Community and Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. wants to change the stigma of Male Veterans being seen as heroes while Women Veterans hide in the shadows. We want Women Veterans to Raise Their Voices!!!

Women Service Members & Veterans repeat after us:

We served, We are here, and We deserve our own Community!

Donate to Zahara Veterans Village

A Community designed to address the unique needs of Veterans!

Current Challenges Faced by Women Veterans:

  • Many of the services in existence are tailored to the needs of Veteran Men
  • Women Veterans that are homeless with children have more difficulty securing housing
  • Unemployment and maintaining employment are challenges faced by the Veteran community
  • Disabled or Veterans with small children are forced to travel to multiple offices to apply for assistance with existing programs
  • Women Veterans are often invisible members of the Veteran Community and exhibit traits of isolation

A Center Will Eliminate These Challenges By:

  • Programs designed and created to address the specific issues faced by Women Veterans
  • Separate housing for Single Women Veterans and Veterans with children with a focus on establishing a solid plan of action for their social, financial and emotional future
  • Career Skill Development classes in a business center equipped with the technology needed to establish resumes, complete certification programs, and apply for employment
  • Multiple services in a centralized location will eliminate the travel challenges for disabled and Veterans with small children
  • Providers of services are able to offer their programs to Women Veterans at a facility that is comfortable and familiar to the Veteran
  • An Empowerment Center, along with monthly events and meetings, will provide a support system that Women Veterans can utilize for socializing and networking thereby minimizing suicidal idealizations

Proposed Facility Features:

Business Center
Classroom Space
Volunteer Office
Childcare Room

Help Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. achieve the goal of establishing a facility that honors the women who served/are serving in the United States Armed Services.

Help us raise the bar and set a precedent of care that all veterans who honorably serve their country, should in-turn receive the support and programs they need to assimilate into civilian life. Women veterans have unique needs and Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. has been established to help address them.

In addition to the goal of establishing an Empowerment Center, Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. hosts monthly events for Women Service Members and Veterans, established an emergency needs grants program and provides care packs for female service members overseas.

Please donate, sign up to stay informed about monthly events. All profits will be donated to Zahara Veterans Network, Inc.