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Auxiliary Pride Application

The Lioness Pride is an auxiliary group of fellow Veterans, family members, friends, and community supporters dedicated to supporting the mission of Zahara Veterans Network, Inc.

  • Auxiliary Pride Membership

    Thank you for your interest in supporting our organization and our mission to house Veterans. Auxillary membership is open to all persons with a vested interest in supporting Veterans.
  • ...

  • Military Experience (Required)

  • Emergency Contact Information

    Who should we contact in case you have a medical emergency while attending an event with ZVN, Inc.?
  • Signature and Verification (Required)

    By my signature, I verify that all information contained within this application is correct and that I agree to support the vision, mission, and action statements of Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. I understand my role is to support Women Military Service Members and Veterans who are members of Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. and my attendance/involvement is subject to termination at any time. I agree to donate no less than fifty ($50) U.S. dollars each year of my involvement and promise to provide additional support via fundraisers, volunteering, and/or sharing of social media events or posts. I agree to render all necessary respect during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, and other military customs. I am motivated, dedicated, and ready for the mission of establishing the Lioness Village for Homeless​ Women Veterans.
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