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Vision, Mission & Action Statement

Raise the Voice of Women Veterans

To empower Women Military Service Members and Veterans with the resources needed to positively impact their families and civilian communities through programs that are beneficial, practical, and relevant.

Action Statement
To achieve our vision and mission statements we will:

1.) Partner with corporations and government agencies to help female veterans obtain employment through, resume assistance, job training and career skill development.

2.) Promote positive mental, physical, and social interactions that celebrate the spirit of comradeship amongst Military Service Women by hosting monthly events and meetings.

3.) Provide social service programs that sponsors housing, temporary childcare during medical appointments, benefits application assistance, and emergency unmet needs grants.

Goals for 2018

1- Establish Housing for Homeless Women Veterans:

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. is working to establish the Lioness Village, a community specifically for Women Veterans in North Florida. You can help us accomplish the mission by becoming an auxiliary member, committing to volunteer, and providing donations and financial support towards our project. The first public discussion on the project will be May 17, 2018, at 5:30 pm. Please register to attend in advance and be prepared to learn about the Women Veteran Community and the Lioness Village Project.


2- Career Readiness Assistance

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. has partnered with local employers to assist Jacksonville area female veterans with job placement assistance.

Women veterans in need of job leads please send a copy of your current resume and DD-214 to our office and they will be matched to available openings that have been submitted by local hiring managers.

Service-disabled veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs rating of 30% or more, please include a copy of your disability rating letter. There are special hiring authorities for disabled veterans that may qualify you for expedited processing.

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. does not hire, nor interview for open positions that are submitted. Veterans with a possible job match will be notified and encouraged to submit their resume to the prospective employers. Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. does not share private DD-214 or disability information with any company unless it is a federal hiring agency and the veteran is notified in advance.

Resumes can be submitted by:
Fax: (904) 680-7386
Mail: 9526 Argyle Forest Blvd, Suite B2-206, Jacksonville, FL 32222

2- Social Service Program Expansion

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. strives to expand the programs we provide to female service members and veterans in the Jacksonville area by continuing to partner with agencies and advocate for the establishment of a facility for the exclusive use of female service members and veterans.

A multi-use facility will provide the environment and privacy female service member and veterans need to concentrate on their goals and eliminate the stress of traveling to multiple agencies to receive assistance. Temporary childcare is crucial to the success of female veterans transitioning and establishing this service we eliminate the need to re-schedule interviews, doctors appointments or training classes, thereby allowing the veteran to concentrate on the task at hand and securing the service or treatment necessary to succeed.

If you are interested in supporting the goals of Zahara Veterans Network, Inc., please donate to our nonprofit organization and ask your elected officials to partner with us on providing a facility for our Women Veterans.

Program Connection – Does your organization offer services or programs for Women Veterans? Please send information to for inclusion in our resource guide.

3- Emotional Well-being Events

The goal of Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. is to host an event/meeting every month this year in order to help combat the feelings of loneliness, depression, or loss of belonging often felt by female veterans. The reality of suicide within the veteran community is all too prevalent. Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. seeks to diminish the number of female veterans lost to suicide by hosting social events and encouraging networking.

Women Veterans, JOIN US! Convince yourself, it’s okay to try something new, with a group of new faces, in the spirit of simply having a great time. Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. has organized an event/meeting combination every month for the year of 2018 with you in mind!

The main goal for Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. is the establishment of a community specifically for Women Veterans. Why establish a center for the exclusive use of female veterans? Our question to the American public is, “Why Not?” 

Programs for Women Service Members & Veterans

Empowerment Center

Empowerment Center

The foundation of where our services and programs will be developed and offered. It will be a state of the art facility designed specifically for Women Veterans and will house the childcare room, business center, class training rooms, workout room, lounge area and administrative office. Learn More!

Social Service Programs

Social Service Programs

Social Service programs– Personal Care Packs, Food Assistance, Housing Referral/Placement Services

Government Programs

Government Programs

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. partners with existing government agencies, hosting sessions specifically for Women Veterans in order to increase their participation. Does your government agency have programs for veterans? Contact us to schedule a specialized session for females. Send an email to with your program information.

Career Readiness Training

Career Readiness Training

Our career readiness trainings will assess the individual skills of Women Veterans, offer courses on resume preparation, interview skills, overcoming workplace obstacles, and stress coping classes.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. strives to work with corporations, large and small, who have a vested interest in the success of Women Veterans in the workplace. If you are in the First Coast Region and have a job posting you would like to submit to our network for Women Veterans, Click Here

Areas of Operation

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. is located in Jacksonville, Florida in the county of Duval, in the North East section of the state. In addition to Duval, we service Women Veterans in the counties of Baker, Clay, Nassau, and Saint Johns. These areas comprise the Congressional Districts of 4, 5, and 6 and is covered by the North Florida, South Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System.

Executive Director

Hellena I. Pugh (Click for biography)
Director’s Website

Board Members

Currently, the board of directors for Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. consists of Military Veterans who have a vested interest in the success of fellow veterans. There are three members of the board of directors and two advisory board members.

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